Here .

Every piece of this outfit is a hit of the season. Let’s start with the bandana, a come back for this hair accessory of the 70’ . You can either wear it classic style like a headband or place it on your forehead , hippie way , it will create a spark of funk in your outfit .

Next, the pastel pink top , completes the “innocent” style of the look. This season we’ll be seeing a lot of pink ( in lighter or darker shades ) .

To end this look, my favorite piece, the “omfg i love those shorts” shorts . What makes this short so particular? ( yeah because i know what you’re thinking,” it’s just shorts calm down ” well no ) . We have seen lace all around this winter, in t-shirts,shirts but not that often in shorts and summer is the season to show our legs! This laced up piece of clothing gives at the same time a boho but also very feminine, chic side to your look . And, if every thing goes well we will be seeing more of these this winter, i say YES WE CAN !


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