Oh Billy !!

Every one has a dream  right ? Well, unfortunately for my wallet and my bank account…. i have many dreams, and a few of these consist in – Eating a box of cookies without having                                                                                      any slight sensation of gilt .

                                                                                – Never loosing my cellphone again

                                                                               – Applying nailpolish like a pro .

                                                                                – Buying myself a Jerome Dreyfuss bag .

 So I don’t think i’ll ever manage to achieve the first 3 , but the fourth one is the most likely to become true . This morning I woke up with the feeling that I just had to go take  a look at my future it bag ( note to self- seems weird that now it isn’t a feeling anymore but a ritual ) .

A few clicks and here I am , on Jerome Dreyfuss’ site  , quick, scroll down , click “collections ” , as the page takes time to upload my heart pulse beats faster and faster , as a reflex I play with the mouse thinking that it will somehow make the page upload  ( i know you do it too ) . And here I am , finally , in the gallery of the bags , funny thing is  whenever you press the name of the bag you’d like to see a little boys voice screams it out loud ( just wanted to tell you that before you go on it, it can be confusing sometimes ) . So , my dream’s name is Billy

Allthough it comes in all colors and textures this is the one I prefer , even if i hesitated with the panther printed one which gives a very funky  feline  feeling to the bag :

You see, everyone has a material dream , some will prefer dreaming about owning a plane , getting that fabulous necklace at Swarovski’s , buying a house…

Well this is mine, and you? What’s yours?


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