Put your hands up

Once , a dermatologist told me that you knew your skin was too dry if  once you pinched    it ,  it would stay in the “pinched ” position . I remembered this on Saturday afternoon around 4 p.m precisely , since my skin did feel a bit dry i wanted to see if it was THAT dry , so i did the pinching test and BOOM ! , the test results hit me … my skin was dry .

As a normal person i should have instantly taken out my special     ” hand cream for dry skin ” , but as an approved tester of anything i can test i tried to experience a grandmother recipe for beautiful silk hands .

And, it turned out to be the greatest i have ever tested so far , so , are your hands feeling like an African desert ? Try this

– What do I need ? Olive oil & salt ( yes it’s as simple as that )

-How do I do it ?? In a bowl, mix the olive oil and the salt together ( olive oil and salt have to be the exact same quantities, so pour as much olive oil as you put salt ) to form a greasy cream .

– Why use it ? Because it transforms your hands into the 8th wonder of the world . As the salt gently scrubs your hands and the dead skin present on them , the oil nourishes your little palms and leaves them as soft as a feather . No doubt that everyone will want to touch these beauties !


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