“Here comes the bride “

…..but did you see that girl’s dress?? Oh my gosh! …Oh and look at that one !Yes weddings, other than being a great moment where you can have as much as cake as you want, are also the possibility to show off your fashion skills . Having had a few weddings this summer, i wanted to make a top 3 of my favorite outfits , because it’s not always that easy to get inspiration for d-day , so if you feel as if you can’t find anything for your best friend’s wedding, take a look over here !   To start off, here is the outfit that i particulary fell for :

The bright colour added to the length of this dress gives any women a sprinkle of confidence and a lot of charm!


This leather vest is the "cherry on the top" to this outfit


You can find the dress here , as you can see it comes in all sizes and fits perfectly any tall silhouette . Don’t worry ladies, other outfits are coming ( because no we aren’t all as tall as Kate Moss ) . Finally the leather jacket from The Kooples ads a bit of an edge to you dress, unzipped it will look lovely for the chilly moments of the after-wedding party at night !   NEXT  is an outfit perfect for accesorizing as it is made of neutral, light, nude colours

This Dolce and Gabbaan dress says it all , draped + nude = "ohemgee classy"

Of course, you will be asking me, ” What  about my little feet? ” don’t worry my dears, I won’t let them stay all lonely ! My must for any kind of ceremony ( and most especially for weddings ) is the nude pumps , they are making  a big hit in my closet this season . Why? Because they are just perfect, not to show-off , they stay chic and pure. CRAVE for Louboutins Pumps here or SAVE for Zara beige peep toed pumps over here !   As a last touch to this article, i decided to share my dress with you guys :

Both dress and vest are Zara



3 thoughts on ““Here comes the bride “

  1. I’m completely in love with all three looks. I love the green/badass jacket combo, those ZARA pumps and…well, I’m pretty much smitten with all of it. And your pic is the cherry on top.

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