Snake in Style

This is what i love about fashion, it makes are biggest fears become our greatest confidence boost. Yes this season we are adopting snake…prints ! Don’t worry i’m not that crazy , i’m not going to go buy a snake and just hang around with it ( I think i recall i certain Justin Bieber testing that theory huh??..). So this year we are letting our jungle spirit get a grip on our clothes .

Here are a few tips to tame some snakey trend :

– For the most outgoing , I suggest the snake print pants ( a slim fit of course otherwise you might end up looking like Crocodile Dundee ).

You may find the cheapest ones at 80$ (minimum price for best quality).

Others might prefer getting close to the animal feeling with a python dress :

What I prefer to suggest  is wearing these with a beige trench in the day which will add the soft feminine touch you need.

-For the other lovely fashion lovers out there that just want to get a dip of snakey attitude here’s what you might like :

 Jessica Alba and Eva Longoria   show off their python handbags, a hit of the season that ads a bit of an edge to any casual outfit !

What you can also try is adopting the snake print on your little feet just like in this Kookai ad :


Here is also a very nice piece of clothing i found on Forever 21 :

Worn with a black perfecto it will give you a perfect,glam rock look . Added to a white vest, you will feel like a really ssssultry ssssstylista ( yes stylista is a word…i think) .

P.S My camera is coming back from repair in 2 days , can’t wait to show you my brand new outfits for this fall !!!


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