When leaves turn red, when houses turn warm and feet get cold. I love this
time of year when you know thanksgiving or halloween is coming up , when you see
pumpkins all over the place, (actually its the only time when people think it’s
normal to put out vegetables in front of their houses), when you can smell the
pumpkin or nut pies, when all your familly gets together. I love this time of
year when everyhting seems just so perfect that you don’t even keep track of
time, you jump into piles of dead leaves, you try on your new jackets to keep
you warm . Everything in the air feels so warm even if it’s 10 degrees outside,
everything smells like family time, like autumn time. Every year this is the
moment i wait for the most, when leaves turn red and start drizzling all over.


-Yes… i did feel a bit poetic this morning I know,so OF COURSE  i had to share it with you 😉 BUT I also wanted to announce some exciting news : I got my camera back !!! So expect some pictures on how to wear this fall’s trends….coming soon!!!



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