Roll it up !

There’s nothing more relaxing after a long day of picking up the leaves in the garden, running around town,working with that new boss of yours that just doesn’t get she isn’t Elizabeth the 2nd, than just sitting next to a good fire whilst biting onto a good ol’ cinnamon roll .

Cinnamon rolls always remind me of this great childhood memory, my dad had took my brother and I to a Cinnabon store, the smell of freshly baked, warm, cinnamon rolls coming to my lips made me realize that pastries could do you the most good in the world ( when of course you don’t have enough money for a new pair of Jimmy Choos at the moment ) and  still today i think back about that day and feel how comforting it is to just have something perfect,warm,and sweet when it is pouring outside and the wind is just fussing around with our hair,hats,skirts (or actually anything that can eventually make you look like another “doofus” on the street , wrestling with this so called “force of the nature” ).

 So, fellow subscribers i shall share with you a recipe that will not only make your tastebuds melt but also make you feel at home , where ever you are . I managed to find the same recipe en Français and in English

Once you have made your dough and spread out the filling , roll it into a log .

Then cut the log in equal pieces.Lay the rolls on a baking sheet.

 Final result : YUM !

Looking delicious !


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